Second name, First Name, Patronymic Aghakishiyev Ismail Alovsat
Date of birth 29.10.1961
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Baku city
Education M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), History faculty (1988)
Current country Russia
Major place of job and address Department of History of Near Foreign Countries of the History Faculty of the Moscow State University (since 2006)
Scientific scope History
Main scientific achievements

He defended his thesis on the establishment and functioning of the "Social-democratic party "Hummat" (1904-1911)" (1991);

He is the author of more than 50 scientific works such as "The establishment and functioning of the Social Democratic Party of “Hummat" in 1904-1911 in Transcaucasia” (1993), "Democrats of Azerbaijan and the 1905-1911 Revolution in Iran" (1996), "Activities of The Second State Duma and  Azerbaijani MPs" (1998), "The First National Conflict between the Azerbaijanis and Armenians during the First Russian Revolution and the  ways out of this Conflicts" (1999), "History of World Religions" (2005), "History of Baku Oil Industry and The second oil boom" monograph (2011);

He conducts research works on Azerbaijan's history, religion, social movements of Azerbaijan, modern political history of Azerbaijan, the Caspian problem and other issues;

He is the author of "The History of Azerbaijan. From 1991 to the present"," The History of Oil Industry in the Caspian Region (1993-2005)" (2011), "Geopolitical Processes in the Caucasus" (2012).

Information about scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other activities

He is an employee of the Information-Analytical Center for Post-Soviet Studies (since 2005);

He is one of the organizers and general director of the "Caucasian Bulletin" project;

Deputy Executive Director of "North-South" Political Center, Head of media-projects of this centre (since 2014);

Associate Professor and teacher at the History Department of the Moscow State University;

He is a permanent participant of numerous scientific conferences and "roundtables" organized both in Russia and in other countries;

He prepares specialists for Azerbaijan by conducting an Azerbaijani studies course for students;

The Head of the special project "Russia-Azerbaijan";

The Head of  Caucasian Center at the Russian State Humanitarian University.

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