Second name, First Name, Patronymic Abbasov Rahib Yusif
Date of birth 23.02.1939
Place of birth Armenian SSR, Yerevan city
Education Azerbaijan Medical Institute named after N. Narimanov (present Azerbaijan Medical University), Treatment and Diagnostics Faculty (1962)
Current country Russia
Major place of job and address Chairman of Medical Experts Commission of the Center for Occupational Pathology of the Scientific Research Institute of Industry and Marine Medicine, Head of the Family Clinic "Poema Zdorovya"
Scientific scope Medical Sciences
Main scientific achievements

PhD on Medical Sciences, scientist-therapist;

Specialist in the field of extreme and family medicine;

He has conducted studies on the functional condition of the secretive function of the pancreas during the effects of various types of physical and chemical factors;

For the first time in the world, he has proved that the condition of the outer secretory activity of the pancreas has proven to be the indicator of the overall reaction of the organism for a long time after extreme effects.


“Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation” (2002)

Information about scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other activities

Chief of medical center of the Soviet Army military unit and head of the medical service of the training center of missile armies (1962);

Senior ordinator, senior scientific worker, teacher, a senior teacher at Military-Field Therapy Department of  S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy  in St. Petersburg (1969-1990);

He has studied the effects of fluorine and fluorine-organic compounds, ionizing radiation, impulse magnetic fields, mechanical and heat effects on human organisms. The results of these research works were presented in the guidance documents approved by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and the Ministry of Health of the USSR (Guidelines for the diagnosis, medical sorting and treatment of victims of combined radiation (1980), Methodological Recommendations on Clinic, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention "(1981) and others);

Head of Occupational Pathology and General Therapy Clinic of Scientific-Research Industry and Marine Medicine Institute (1990),  at the same time, deputy director of the Institute on clinical affairs (1994), Chief physician of the Center for Occupational Pathology of the Federal Bureau of “ Medbiocystrem” (1999);

Head of the Northwest Regional Center for Emergency Medicine in Radiation and Chemical Accidents (1990-1994);

Summarized many years observation experience of nuclear icebreaker fleet sailors and found the role of settlement factors in the formation of chronic pathology clinic. Studied the relationship between chromosomal abuses and immune status of people who have been aborted in the Chernobyl  Nuclear Power Stations (ESA);

Author of 117 scientific works on gastroenterology, endocrinology, hematology, rheumatology and many aspects of therapy;

He has organized "Family Medicine" medical center and led the center for ten years for uncertain and challenging patients in Russia.


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