Second name, First Name, Patronymic Abdullayev Rizvan Yusif
Date of birth 30.04.1961
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Agstafa region
Education Azerbaijan Medical Institute named after N. Narimanov (present Azerbaijan Medical University), Faculty of Sanitary and Hygiene
Current country Russia
Major place of job and address Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Institute of Tuberculosis of Central Scientific Research Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Scientific scope Biological Sciences
Main scientific achievements

D.Sc in Medical Sciences, Professor;

He entered the postgraduate study at the Institute of Tuberculosis (RTEA METVI) of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (1990),  defended his PhD thesis on the clinical significance of energy exchange and oxygen transfer function in the chemical therapy process in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (1993);

He defended his D.Sc dissertation on "The course of pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with a different metabolic status of the phagocytes and lungs" (1999);

Author of 123 scientific works, methodical recommendations called "Application of Biochemical Investigation Methods in Tuberculosis Facilities" and "Biochemical Investigation of Patients with Acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis".

Information about scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other activities

He began his career at the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of Central District Hospital in Davachi (present Shabran) (1984), as a physician-laboratorian, laboratory director;

He has worked as a junior scientific worker at the Institute of Scientific Research Fiziopulmonopology of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan (1988);

He worked as a researcher (1993), senior researcher, leading researcher (1999) at the Department of Pathological Anatomy, Electron Microscopy and Biochemistry at  RTEA METVI and was appointed as Head of Biochemistry Laboratory (2010);

He makes scientific reports at Phthisiologist Congresses of Russian and CIS countries, National Congresses dedicated to respiratory diseases, Congresses of European Respiratory Society (Munich, Stockholm, Barcelona);

4 PhD theses were defended under his leadership;

He received a higher qualification category on speciality "Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics";

He gives a series of lectures for the specialization and improvement of phthisiatres and pulmonologists.



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