Second name, First Name, Patronymic Abbasov Iftikhar Balakishi
Date of birth 29.10.1966
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Lankaran region, Dashdalik village
Education Taganrog State Radiotechnical Institute (1988)
Current country Russia
Major place of job and address Head of the Department of Engineering Graphics and Computer Design at the Taganrog Technological Institute of Southern Federal University
Scientific scope Mathematics
Main scientific achievements

PhD in Physics and Mathematics (1997);

D.Sc in Technical Sciences (2012);

Docent (2000);

Author of 9 monographs, 220 scientific and educational-methodical works and 3 certificates on state registration of computer programs.


Scholar of the Soros Foundation and the Scientific Council of the Taganrog State Radiotechnical University (TDRU) (1993-1996)

Information about scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other activities

He has worked as a chief laboratory technician, engineer, laboratory director in the department of electro-hydroacoustics and ultrasonic technology at the Taganrog Radiotechnical Institute (1989-1993);

He worked as an assistant of the Engineer Graphics Department of TDRU (1996);

He is involved in educational activities in the fields of engineer and computer graphics, three-dimensional computer modelling, perception psychology;

Author of 12 textbooks on the application of computer technologies in design;

He has been trained at the MIFI National Nuclear Research University (Moscow, 2009), Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry named after S.Gr. Strahanov (Moscow, 2010);

A member of the Russian Union of Designers, the Russian Acoustics Society, and the Indian Mathematical Society;

The biographical information is included in the International Biographical Information book "Учёные России", "Marquis Who's Who in the World" (USA), "Who's Who in Russia" (Switzerland).


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