Second name, First Name, Patronymic Abdullayev Sardar Suleyman
Date of birth 21.01.1951
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Kelbadjar region, Yanshak village
Education Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute named after Ch.Yildirim (present Azerbaijan Technical University), speciality "Mechanization of Hydromelioration Works"
Current country Russia
Major place of job and address General Director of Closed Joint-Stock Construction Company "Tvergegrajdanstroy"
Scientific scope Economic Sciences
Main scientific achievements

He defended his DSc dissertation on "Management of production based on economic information" (2000)


He was awarded the title of "Honored Builder" of the Russian Federation for his construction services (1994);

He was awarded the "Friendship" order and was named "Honorary Constructor of Russia" (1998);

He was awarded a silver prize and a gold medal according to the presentation of the Russian Builders Union,  by Alfa Business Club (1998) on the "Successful introduction of business in the new environment" in London;

The Board of Directors of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ARCCI) has made a decision to award the Golden Galaxy Medal for his "Contribution to Stable High-Performance Indicators" (2001);

He was awarded  by the Tver Oblast Governor's Badge (2001)  for his services in the development of the Tver Region and  the Honorary Decree by the decision of the Legislative Assembly of Tver Oblast (2001);

He was awarded the Honorary Decree of Tver Oblast governor for his contribution to the development of Tver Oblast (2004);

He was awarded Honorary Decrees of the RF State Committee for Construction, Housing and Communal Complex and RF State Construction, Architecture and Housing Policy Committee;

He was repeatedly presented the special certificate of "The best head of Russian construction complex organization" by the Russian Builders Union  according to the results of the All-Russian competition "The best construction organization"  held annually  by the Russian Ministry of Regional Development jointly with the Trade Union of Building and Building Materials Industry Employees;

He was awarded  The "Taraggi" Medal  (2006).

Information about scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other activities

He worked as mechanical engineer,  head mechanic chief (1980-1982) at Mobile Mechanized Body  No. 2 (PMK-2) of “Kalininmelioria” Production of Kalinin Oblast;

In 1982 he was invited to work at the ”Kalininselstroy” Production Association in Kalinin (present Tver), head of the  Specialized Mobile Mechanized  Body No.1316 (SPMK-1316), then head of  "Kalininselstroymexanizasiya"  Trust (1982-1986);

He worked as the deputy head of the "Kalinizingrajstroy" Production Association (1986), the head of the union (1991);

He heads the Closed Joint Stock  Construction Company of "Tvergegrazdanstroy" (since 1993);

He is an active member of the Verxnevolzhsk Engineering Academy;

Honorary Professor of Tver State Technical University (TSTU);

He is the author of several articles in the field of construction management based on strategic accounting and economic information;

He has been included in authoritative encyclopedias such as "The Best of Russia", "Who is Who in Russia" compiled in Russia and abroad;

He was a member of the Belski District Committee of the Communist Party, a member of the district council, and a member of the Soviet Union of People's Deputies of the Tver Oblast.


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